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ThereforeAt purely chest feeding when the child , months receives only chest milk, existence of allergic reaction m on allergen hit with milk of mother.

Therefore in this case it is necessary to clean from a diet feeding i, capable to cause an allergy.

For this purpose for days mother passes on eliminatsionny excludin it is better a monodiet, for example kefiric, and if against this diet at the child improvement, new products from a basic diet in minutes prior to feeding by a breast start to enter on one into a diet of mother.

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On true, he simply

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On true, he simplyAt emergence in a family of the newborn the former idol usually forgets to draw it among native or, an isosconce zhy the kid near parents, does not leave a place for itself.

When the house is left forever by the father, the child still for a long time about to draw it in a family as though anything and not the proiso went, quite often even beginning the drawing with the father.

On true, he simply remembers the kind and fine past which would be desirable to return and make it again real.

Updating of a risunochny technique My family A family which I want So, you took only the first steps for diagnostics the trisemeyny relations on so simple and so ache at the same time to test My family.

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If this level

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If this level It also is average temperature of your child.

If this level appears higher, the temperature is qualified as raised.

Why the temperature rises The increased temperature is a symptom of the latent disease, instead of an independent disease.

Temperature increase the normal and healthy answer of an organism to an infection.

Many parents wrongly consider that high temperature harms their children.

It is the cause for % of calls for doctors and % of calls of ambulance.

Usually increased temperature means that in an organism at yours rethe benka occurs fight.

When microbes and white blood little bodies leukocytes battling against them face, the last make the substances called which have the following impact on an organism.

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Only a belt

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Only a belt Why I should on give I at all for this purpose gave birth to the child to think porridges dy day, in what him to put, dress, than to feed.

Let the state better thinks of it.

I think that the best method of education an antipost a vleniye of the child to other children.

Only a belt I make sober the child.

In those hours, when I on work, the eldest son daughter about the younger.

All the time it seems to me that my child fell ill.

If I sat with the child of the house, it would not have such expensive unusual toys causing envy in other children.

In the days off I am engaged in reeducation , because in days, when I on work, the grandmother and the grandfather oh it.

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Sometimes these

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Sometimes these The midwife sucks away this liquid, opening a way to air.

The child for the first time in some seconds after the birth, sometimes even when the head, and other part of a body still inside was born only.

After a liquid otsasyvaniye from respiratory ways of the child the midwife presses and cuts an umbilical cord, and life not in a womb of mother begins.

Sometimes these procedures make with the child lying on your stomach, this soft pillow with which the kid and begins new life.

First touches The birth of the child is inseparably linked with a touch of hands.

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At healthy, physically

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At healthy, physically A regularity, but with orientation to appetite feeling of hunger.

At healthy, physically active child appetite arises in , hours time, sufficient for transition of food to the bottom departments of intestines.

Any violation of the appetite which has not been connected with between the main food intakes, it is necessary to regard as a deviation in a state of health or health.

EAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILD The accounting of flavoring habits not the Snickers, it is natural and appetite of the child.

J and restriction kovservirovanny vevaturalvy sausage products, adults canned food, salty and strong cheeses.

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