That it did not occur, before

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That it did not occur, before Usually children oppose to any invasion into their eyes, screwing up them or starting to rub, than increase irritation even more.

That it did not occur, before survey of eyes or their washing wrap the child with hands in a big towel, a blanket or a sheet look instructions on a pelenaniye at page Washing of eyes of the child To remove irritating substance from eyes of the child, it is better if two persons participate in their washing one holds the kid, another washes away.

Carefully delay a lower eyelid, persuading the child to open eyes as it is possible more widely, and wash out an eye a stream of warm water from a jug within minutes.

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In house conditions

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In house conditionsDuration of treatment by mineral waters of weeks.

Plan of treatment is recommended to be repeated.

r promotes permanent recovery, the prevention of an exacerbation of an illness.

In house conditions plan of treatment by mineral waters it is possible to carry out times a year, with intervals of months.

It is necessary to accept mineral water on an empty stomach times a day at the rate of ml on kg of weight of a body a single dose in hour of minutes, mines or minutes prior to food depending on a condition of gastric secretion.

At the strengthened gastric secretion it is necessary to gulp warmedup water in a volley in hour prior to food intake with a view of reduction of irritating action by a mucous membrane of a stomach.

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And soon

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And soon And this scheme worked.

When the contact way of education was rejected, its communication with parents was lost, the same occurred and to her trust to them.

As a result Hiza had something like an infantile depression and rates of development of its physiological systems were slowed down.

I advised to parents to return immediately to former style of behavior, caring of the child in all completeness and answering inquiries of the daughter and in the afternoon, and at night.

The main thing for this married couple was to adhere to an own method of education and not to pay attention to another's councils.

And soon Hiza became former.

AS CHILDREN GROW Beginning our travel on stages of development of the child from the moment of his birth till years, we will address to several basic principles which will help you to understand better than your child and to enjoy his specific features.

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The toes turned

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The toes turned YOUR CHILD FUNNY GOES The manner to go children in , years differs the same variety, as well as their persons.

The majority of children start to go, placing socks in the parties is promotes balance preservation.

Hardly you start to worry on such gait as the child begins to go, developing a foot inside.

And again do not hurry up to follow advice of the grandmother assured that it is necessary to show the kid to the orthopedic surgeon.

In most cases gait becomes absolutely normal by years.

The toes turned inside.

It in the first years of life almost all kids suffer.

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I Haricot

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I Haricot Drink on glasses in a warm look for half an hour to food.

Juice can be stored in the refrigerator no more than days.

I Haricot strengthens secretion of gastric juice and intensifies removal of liquid from an organism in any kind.

Potato juice to drink at the lowered secretion of a stomach on the th glass times a day for half an hour to food.

The brine of sauerkraut increases allocation of gastric juice.

To drink before food on glasses.

For strengthening of secretion of gastric juice for a breakfast eat weight from grated apples and a pumpkin in the ratio in which it is possible to add a little lemon juice and medical.

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The dream

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The dream he cannot fall asleep own ; it does not remain also to own bed; it in the middle of night.

The dream of your child, as well as his command, is under the influence of your reactions.

If you pay special attention to problems with a dream, they will be aggravated.

The dream is an important component of development of your child and if it insufficiently, most likely, there will be problems with it behavior, attention and .

Whether sufficient quantity time watt the child for the age Good night! and Order the diary that could define type of the problems existing at your child, and how you strengthen and support these problems.

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