All this will

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All this willAll this will be prompted to you specially developed by us By a scale of communication of parents with the child.

Scale of communication of parents with the child The methods of education causing in the child positive emotionsHow many time you praised today encouraged approved kissed embraced caressed sympathized empathized smiled admireddid pleasant surprises made gifts negative emotions of the child to the child, the childreproached suppressed humiliated accused condemned rejected straightened out dishonored preached deprived of something necessary splashed, passwords stood in the corner Barkans Bad habits of good children.

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When Stephen

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When Stephen I sobbed, something cried out, and suddenly noticed that between me and Stephen then to it there was a year and ten months something occurs.

He watched my actions, trying to understand, in what business.

He glanced to me in eyes, clasped my knees, but without a fright, and as though speaking Everything is good, I love you.

I would help you if it was in my forces.

When Stephen nestled on me, I took myself in hands mother calmed by a touch of the child.

Well, the method of rapprochement promotes mutual understanding of parents and de ty.

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About readiness

Author: admin Date: Птн, 09 Июл 2010 18:57:16 +0000

About readiness To develop it it is possible, having correctly chosen the corresponding moment.

About readiness of the kid as we already wrote, tells his corresponding behavior.

Your task to follow and quickly to react, in other words, to be in time, yet did not become late, then panties remain dry.

Over time the child will learn to connect together these two moments if asked on a pot, do not forget that it is necessary to do on it.

Be ATTENTIVE! Refract strings it is necessary to delete, when the boy is going to sit down on a pot; it should not for it cling at all.

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Game with covers. At this

Author: admin Date: Втр, 08 Июн 2010 14:31:09 +0000

Game with covers. At this At the right time, when to yours rea benka years will be executed, at you the whole collection of the children's drawings which has been hanged out on walls, in kitchen and on the refrigerator can already collect.

When the kid will draw any confusion from crossing lines or if to it very much will carry something reminding a circle, it happens is extraordinary proud and happy with itself and the work, expecting an applause, and also that this work of art will be exposed on a public inspection.

Game with covers.

At this age, continuing to play with covers, children start to unscrew and screw up them.

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! This exercise

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! This exercise At the same time you will give oxygen to the baby who during fights also can suffer from his shortcoming.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONComplete breath.

Before the beginning of exercise make a full exhalation.

Then slowly inhale, lifting a belly wall stomach.

Hold the breath at the end of a breath and slowly exhale through a mouth, lowering at first a breast, and then edges.

Complete breath is necessary to have a rest between fights.

! This exercise can cause dizziness.

Therefore to do it it is better lying and no more than time in a row.

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If the child

Author: admin Date: Срд, 28 Апр 2010 18:50:17 +0000

If the child Consequences can deliver discontent or harm people around, for example, if the child suddenly wants to soil someone in paint or the earth.

Between the reason and a consequence passes too much time.

In this case the child cannot simply connect cause and effect.

If the child does not want to study at elementary school, it is not necessary to shut eyes to his bad marks.

Consequences mention not the child, and, say, you.

For example, if it tore off all flowers from a neighbour's bed, that did not stop can get rather to you.

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