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Helps at over the head.Independently siruchka for clothes and yours a rinsky breast.help index and toys; drops Puts and drops kubivaniya.Eats itself, holds bu at the table hair.Sucks fingers and kuClamps subjects in rubig toy fingers, observes, how .Shows that it moa tylochka lachok.Plays hands they fall.Drinks from bowls to do by hands Skills of communication and language development Exactingly cries, Coos, squeals, gurgles Reproduces vowels Extends lips that Mutters ohohoh, at Publishes more lingering and Repeats syllables ah, Publishes disyllabic sounds Says clear Speaks to clear you words.

The Melissa

Whether actually hated Indiana, but felt that it never accepted it, and now said that it .Indiana was three years old, Whether when joined a family, and the Melissa gave birth to it to daughter Violet.Whether knew that it seemed to Indiana that he gave it less attention, than the daughter.the Melissa was shocked, when understood that too it was necessary for it to approach more with Indiana, and not only Whether bore responsibility for changeable behavior of the girl.Time to create the relationship is necessary for stepfathers, stepmothers and children and to develop an approach to a discipline question.

At this age it can already

For subject capture the child at first uses all hand, as though arranging a trap from all fingers and a palm.At this age it can already reach the subjects being at arm's length, and is exact, without having missed, to take a toy.It studies it, shifts from one hand in another and more often sends in a mouth.From Martha's diary For Matthew it became simpler to address with surrounding subjects.It takes a toy from my hands, considers it, plays with it.Happens that he any more does not want to be engaged with it, but it occurs not because he was tired of game but because I give it the same toy.

We are going

To be parents all the time means to learn to be them.Not too listen to councils of experts is prevents to develop parental intuition, ability as your children grow.We are going to show you as to become experts.The purpose of this book to help you and your child to find each other.This small introduction contains quintessence of that such house education.So, we start to study! INDISSOLUBLE COMMUNICATION What does it mean In all other books on the care of children and to their education there is no head whom it would be necessary to call Education of your child.

That it can satisfy

They wake up how the child, having got hungry, too will wake up.Being nearby and having a presentiment of awakenin mother can feed the child and return it to a deep sleep before he and she completely woke up.One mother who managed to achieve at the night of full harmony with the child, told us Approximately in seconds before my child will wake up, that him fed, my dream becomes easier, and I almost wake up.As I have a presentiment of this moment, I can start to feed the kid as soon as it and will reach to a nipple.That it can satisfy at once hunger, rescues it from complete awakening.And both of us soon again strong fall asleep with it.

Adhere to speed

All children different also are ready to training at different times and with various speed.Small angels Be quiet and positive concerning training.Adhere to speed of the child.Whenever possible be engaged in training in summertime when the pot can be taken out in a garden.and misunderstanding are transferred easier.Each time.when your child successfully uses a pot or a toilet, very much praise it.Be creative, doing time in a toilet cheerful, sing and read fairy tales.Use encouragement for stimulation of your child embraces and a family holiday round a pot make miracles concerning training of your child.

But soon he will

started on the first way.At first he tries to move sideways, putting one to another still disobedient legs.But soon he will think what to move aside not so conveniently, and will excellent cope with the solution of this task.It develops a foot and a leg so that they could go forward, instead of sideways, and then turns all trunk Then takes out one foot forward, puts to it another one step, then once again one foot, behind it another, thus it will ply round a low little table, holding it at first both hands, and then only one Be CAREFUL! This new achievement connected with possibility to ply round a small little table, big pleasure for the kid, but also possible troubles.

Whether gripes

If to wear the child for an hour or two before approach of evenin it will help to relax to it so that evening explosion and will not occur.Whether gripes are connected with biorhythm violation Everyone has the biorhythm providing a good condition zdo.These are our inner clock which automatically allocate regulatory hormones and operate body temperature change in the afternoon and cycles of a night dream.When our biorhythm is ordered, we feel well and at us everything turns out.If the biorhythm is broken, for example, when we go to bed late, we become uneasy.

Unbutton a shirt

Unbutton a shirt or remove it.Put fingers on a breast, is lower than the line connecting nipples as shown for breast compression on page Carry out breast compression heart is on the right, below on depth from , to , inches ,, cm with frequency not less than compression in a minute it is possible to consider about itself both time and two, both time, and two., speaking and when lowering and time, two etc.by pressing a breast, a rhythm smooth without breakthroughs.If you carry out reanimation samostoyatelno, do to the child artificial breath of companies in a mouth after every th compression of heart, thus check position of the head of the child and look behind, whether his breast rises.

A stylistic

The majority of modern fathers look for the road back, to a family.a stylistic figure, a combination opposite on the word meanin compressed so it is paradoxical a sounding antithesis.I leave for work in mornings therefore my working day comes to an end at o'clock in the afternoon.Considering hour on the road, I come back home to five and I spend evening of the house with children.One trouble I so am tired by that minute when I get home that from me advantages and to children, and the wife on the house already there are not enough.

When to you the following

Do not allow to involve itself in dismantlings.Be engaged in the affairs.When to you the following requirement from the child will arrive, stop and again include the internal voice.Accustom itself to arrive so every time when the child demands something from you.Tell no, explain why do not add to it any other justifications and justifications.In a similar case further explanations testify only that you do not feel for yourselves the right to tell no.Justifications are necessary when you have with the child good relations, it did not make anything bad, did not try to play on your trust to it.

It reaches

In case of resistant gastric secretion and low acidity mineral water is necessary for drinking slowly, small drinks, with breaks to savor, for minutes to food.It reaches strengthening of impellent activity of a stomach and intestines, and also stimulation of sekretorny activity.If secretion of a stomach is normal, mineral water of room temperature in minutes prior to food.At pyelonephritis and cystitis it is recommended to use such mineral waters, as Borjomi , Yessentuki NQ and NQ , Kislovodsk , Jl NQ and NQ , Kvasov's Glade, the Glade the Font, Slavyanovsky, Smirnovsky, to Sairma, Sevan, Dzhermuk, Kashinsky and especially Truskavetsky slabomineralizovanny, containing a large number of organic substances and possessing the expressed diuretic and soothing action.


In this case the child solves any moral doubt simply he implicitly submits to the adult even if orders of the adult disperse from the standard ethical standards.Children at more advanced age moral relyativist already consider that sometimes it is possible to neglect opinion of the adult and to arrive according to other norms of morals.Younger children, for example, are sure, it is impossible what to say lies in any cases; seniors already assume that in certain cases it is possible to cover the companion etc Moral realists consider that there is only one true rule of the game; children relyativist assume that rules of the game can be changed, and are by common consent ready to accept new rules.

Collect information. Try to learn

Carrots apples

In minutes prior to readiness to add the apple cut by segments, sugar, salt to mix and continue suppression to full readiness.Carrots apples butter sugar g.Turnip WITH APPLES AND RAISINTurnip to clear, small to cut and extinguish in milk with vegetable oil to semireadiness, to add the chopped apple, raisin, sugar and to extinguish to readiness.Turnip milk ml, apples raisin sugar of vegetable oil g.BEET, STEWED IN SOUR CREAMThe cleared beet and carrots to cut cubes, to fill in with a small amount of water, to add vegetable oil and a pinch of lemon acid and, periodically stirring slowly, to extinguish under a cover on weak fire about hour.

In the afternoon

In the afternoon dry, and generally at dry nightAny products; completely independent food; can have preferences conductingSee above Whose problemSmall angelsQuestions to the diaryYour diary can help to understand more deeply to you the reasons of emergence of problem behavior.Reflectingover the records, ask itself the following questions Whether there is the most hard time of day Whether there are concrete reasons of problem behavior Whether is the behavior manifestation of what my child in idslps with about a shaftMy child behaves so.because he was tired naked denisiugan What my actions worsen behavior What my actions promote further bad behavior Whether there is in my life something else, can influence on washes the childIt is necessary to remember All children at some point have problems in behavior this making part of development gives the chance to children learned to operate itself and to receive social skills.


It is necessary to tell little by little, it is soft and so that it was interesting to the child.Occasions can be the most different the fairy tale, transfer, etc.For example, if you read to the child Little Red Riding Hood, take an interest at the child as the wolf managed to find the grandmother, whether correctly the Little Red Riding Hood, in his opinion, arrived.Ask, as though it arrived in such situation why, in his opinion, it is impossible to give the address, phone, to show keys from the house to the unfamiliar If from time to time to come back to these questions, the child independently will understand, how it is necessary itselfmessages.

Than you will

In advance find out all details what anesthesia methods exist; that offer different maternity hospitals; ways of behavior in childbirth happen with what.Than you will have bigger information, that will feel more quietly.After all one business to prepare to heavy, but in principle to clear work, and absolutely another for something unknown and consequently frightening.The best option properly to be prepared with skill to choose maternity hospital and, maybe, even the doctor, to get acquainted with all existing ways of behavior in childbirth and selfhelp selfmassage, special technicians of breath etc.

, to finish

Then to filter through sterilshy., to finish to boiling and to pour in sterilshy I.By , months chest milk any more does not satisfy need of the child for the main food substances and consequently the feeding up with which the child receives macro and the microcells, difficult carbohydrates is necessary ballast substances necessary for normal functioning of a gastroenteric path.Besides, introduction of a feeding up accustoms the child to dense food, gradually preparing it for an excommunication from a breast.Dishes for a feeding up should be well homogenized, that not m difficulties when swallowing.

It is necessary

Having appeared on a kitchen threshold, the kid pulls out all plastic boxes and covers from them and takes seat on a floor that, having imposed with them, to check that to what will approach.It is necessary to encourage such actions When the kid will be engaged in these toys, try to run his actions Put, take out.Pay attention, the child, having spread out these subjects round itself, will talk to them as though too to give them instructions.Volumetric glasses or cylinders help it to develop idea of a ratio of things on the size, he starts to understand that the small subject can be put in the big.

That is started

Refuses that always very much was pleasant to it.Everything does to all to spite, in everything shows disobedience, let even in a damage to ny interests.And as takes offense, when stop its pranks.Any ban rechecks.That is started up in reasonings, in general ceases to speak.Suddenly from from a pot.as if the robot, it is programmed, without having listened to the end of questions and requests, answers all no, I can not, I do not want, I will not be.When these surprises will come to an end at last parents ask again.What to do with it We do not operate, it is selfish, stubborn.

Xie which

However, even more deeply to glance to the child in soul, you can use as well our option of this test, its updating in A family which I want.For this purpose, after your child will terminate to draw the family, overturn a sheet of paper on other party and give it a new task let will draw with the same of a pencil one more family, but not a twin family, and that which he would want to have, in other words A family which I want.Xie which I want.The task you managed to press involuntarily levers of the imagination of the child, to remove brakes, to lift a veil of secrets it, having seen that is hidden even for the child.

Proteins are responsible

Such can schi a food which in the correct proportion contains that we call the big five, i.e.food construction blocks proteins carbohydrates fats vitamins mineral substances Let's consider in more detail each of these groups and we learn, than they are useful and in what products contain.PROTEINS OUR CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL Proteins is a food of growth.They represent as though that framework, to tory provides with structural elements each cell of a body.Proteins are responsible for growth, restoration and replacement of fabrics.It is the unique nutritious element which can duplicate itself.

All these

About it force, At steadiness, and mobility of wasps of novny nervous processes.All these properties in number time a combination with each other usually make bases ny four types of the highest nervous activity of the child, four temperaments of children defined since the birth.Let's talk about these properties.Let's stop on force.We usually understand functional endurance of all nervous cages and their ability as force you to hold both lon and shortterm, but chitelny excitement, without repaying it braking.

He knows, where

You have yet one year ahead.As well as in many questions connected with education, look at it eyes of the child.Feel that for it the habitual cozy nest means.Certainly, to leave it not at once it will want.He knows, where to it it is better.Why to hurry with independence The needs of the child satisfied in the early childhood, will disappear over time.And unsatisfied, on the contrary, form emptiness in soul which can generate then alarm.To force the child to independence at night not your care.You only can and should create for it the cosiness and selfconfidence atmosphere to help to develop a natural way following on a way of its development of requirement in independence.

Good night! Ayla, Katee, EmilyTo

It was difficult to Mandy to look, how her daughters are upset because do not receive an award, but they with Mevolume were unshakable.Soon the emulative spirit between triplets and Mat and Manley's consecutive behavior during their laying to sleep led to that nights in the house of a family of Elson became much quieter.Good night! Ayla, Katee, EmilyTo other children who had problems with a dream, offered encouragement in order that they remained in a bed.When Katee and Ayla for the first time laid down with a night lamp, to them told that the fairy of a night lamp will watch how well they behave.If they go to bed in the beds and will remain there, in the morning they will receive from it a small award.

If the recommendation

Time on your party.A strict method let's be shouted demands, that you strictly adhered to it for all %.And it is incorrect.At any training including when training course that the child was not alarmed by sharp change is necessary to a dream.Your barometer reaction of the child At check of a new approach be guided by reaction of the kid, instead of to someone's words in the book.If the recommendation does not help, postpone it and try to return in a month.Let you decided that the child should fall asleep at night independently, then see to his behavior in the afternoon.

All should

Next day it clung all the time to me, obviously being afraid again to remain alone.In the book about shouting children it is in detail painted, when it is necessary to calm the child when to take it on hands, how to behave with it, how to put it to bed, how many seconds to calm.Certainly, in formation of parental care there is an element of training game, but not the same way! Parental art should not turn into a science.All should be natural, and the main guidebook here an instinct.I am sure that a method let's be shouted is not suitable for me, is more true for us with the son.Alternative methods Instead of the barbarous method allowing the child to shout while to it will not bother, and his more humane version to some extent allowing an uspokaivaniye of the child but to give it is necessary to shout all the same!, we bring to your attention such line of conduct which supports trust between the child and parents and develops their mutual keenness.


Refusal of it is necessary only in rare instances as parent milk not only does not render irritating action, but also possesses therapeutic effect, it can appear the unique food which the child does not reject and well transfers.Avoid some boiled liquids, especially milk with sugar as at boiling water is evaporated, as a result of its solution becomes too concentrated and strengthens a diarrhea.Do not exclude food more than on h.For recovery rea benka a food is necessary for yours.Application only liquids can in itself provoke a diarrhea called by a chair of the starving.Drugs at a diarrhea Best of all a diarrhea the replacing liquid, for example the oral solution of electrolits described above treats.

The sensitive

Whether it is easier to accustom to discipline of children all the time being in kontakthose with parents Discipline this magic word which you wait long ago easier da to parents and children being in close contact.The sensitive relation to children allows parents to get into their souls and to see the world them eyes.I will give an example.One of widespread problems which parents of growingup kids face, is irritability and anger flashes during the moments when to the child say that it is necessary to finish game because it is time to leave.

It is better

Protivoanemichesky it is applied in the form of %nogo of solution which can be added both in a mix, and in feeding up dishes.It is better to enrich with it dishes from meat, an offal, vegetables, fruit, instead of to give in pure form as possesses not so pleasant taste and a smell.Start to give small doses from ml of %nogo of solution, gradually increasing its quantity to ml per day for one or two receptions.At more advanced age he is recommended to be added to the dishes having pleasant taste or dark color coffee, cocoa.

The approximate

If you want to rise by higher level, you should learn to count and food structure.It means that you should write out products from your records and spread out them in a percentage ratio to proteins, carbohydrates and fats.It is simpler not to conduct such calculations daily, and to sum up in a week.The approximate balanced food for a week % of carbohydrates, % of fats, % of proteins.Our wise organism It is usually enough to count up number of calories to establish, whether the food suffices to the child.Researches showed that if the kid receives products with the high content of nutrients, he will soon learn to choose what are necessary at present for its organism as, according to dieticians, we have an internal sense of proportion and aspiration to establish the necessary balance of a food.

Sometimes children

Sometimes children with very strong will can absolutely waste control over themselves during any fit of anger.Often the child can be helped with such situation if strong to hug him and tenderly to explain You become angry, you lost control over yourself, I hold you on hands because I love you.And that the most interestin in few minutes during which the child will try to be liberated even from your embraces, it actually will become soft in your hands, as though thanking for disposal of.Both audience is usually necessary to adults, and to kids is perfect neinteresno to make rows alone.

The child

Ability to good and empathy, steadiness and aggression, other properties of the personality are formed already in the prenatal period.The child m catches at cellular level of feelin feelin thought which are caused in mother by world around.Being in a womb of mother, he even repeats her mimicry.For the sake of health and happiness of the child the woman should work over itself.Besides more strict observance of a day regimen, performance of special physical exercises, it is fine, if the woman presumed to listen to itself to quiet music, to sing.It is noticed that mothers who were engaged during pregnancy in singing especially choral, brought into the world quieter children, capable it is easy to adapt in various situations that testifies to their mental balance.

Let's separately

Besides, in the sour environment from pectin calcium which affects protivovospalitelno a mucous membrane of guts.A certain antiinflammatory effect m containing in vegetables and fruit tannins and organic acids.Let's separately stop on a pancreas inflammation pancreatitis which often develops as complication after virus infections flu, a mumps.In particular be attentive concerning a food at a mumps as at a stikhaniye of sharp manifestations when the child has an appetite, it is possible heavy fat food NTsIK LOPE AIYa P ITAN IYa RE pancreatitis.

Then mother

Pos mother does not own the body, she simply unable to give rise.Someone another provides appearance of the child on light by means of nippers.Then mother bring to postnatal chamber that it came to the senses after operation of childbirth.Several hours after it wakes up in the small chamber, still on position of the patient, without the child.Meanwhile in chamber for newborns the child comes to the senses after the delivery which it or it never can describe.After the delivery the child put in a plastic bed and brought to chamber where it joined other anonymous newborns, a lying row in the same boxes.

That it did not occur, before

Usually children oppose to any invasion into their eyes, screwing up them or starting to rub, than increase irritation even more.That it did not occur, before survey of eyes or their washing wrap the child with hands in a big towel, a blanket or a sheet look instructions on a pelenaniye at page Washing of eyes of the child To remove irritating substance from eyes of the child, it is better if two persons participate in their washing one holds the kid, another washes away.Carefully delay a lower eyelid, persuading the child to open eyes as it is possible more widely, and wash out an eye a stream of warm water from a jug within minutes.

In house conditions

Duration of treatment by mineral waters of weeks.Plan of treatment is recommended to be repeated.r promotes permanent recovery, the prevention of an exacerbation of an illness.In house conditions plan of treatment by mineral waters it is possible to carry out times a year, with intervals of months.It is necessary to accept mineral water on an empty stomach times a day at the rate of ml on kg of weight of a body a single dose in hour of minutes, mines or minutes prior to food depending on a condition of gastric secretion.At the strengthened gastric secretion it is necessary to gulp warmedup water in a volley in hour prior to food intake with a view of reduction of irritating action by a mucous membrane of a stomach.

And soon

And this scheme worked.When the contact way of education was rejected, its communication with parents was lost, the same occurred and to her trust to them.As a result Hiza had something like an infantile depression and rates of development of its physiological systems were slowed down.I advised to parents to return immediately to former style of behavior, caring of the child in all completeness and answering inquiries of the daughter and in the afternoon, and at night.The main thing for this married couple was to adhere to an own method of education and not to pay attention to another's councils.And soon Hiza became former.AS CHILDREN GROW Beginning our travel on stages of development of the child from the moment of his birth till years, we will address to several basic principles which will help you to understand better than your child and to enjoy his specific features.

The toes turned

YOUR CHILD FUNNY GOES The manner to go children in , years differs the same variety, as well as their persons.The majority of children start to go, placing socks in the parties is promotes balance preservation.Hardly you start to worry on such gait as the child begins to go, developing a foot inside.And again do not hurry up to follow advice of the grandmother assured that it is necessary to show the kid to the orthopedic surgeon.In most cases gait becomes absolutely normal by years.The toes turned inside.It in the first years of life almost all kids suffer.

I Haricot

Drink on glasses in a warm look for half an hour to food.Juice can be stored in the refrigerator no more than days.I Haricot strengthens secretion of gastric juice and intensifies removal of liquid from an organism in any kind.Potato juice to drink at the lowered secretion of a stomach on the th glass times a day for half an hour to food.The brine of sauerkraut increases allocation of gastric juice.To drink before food on glasses.For strengthening of secretion of gastric juice for a breakfast eat weight from grated apples and a pumpkin in the ratio in which it is possible to add a little lemon juice and medical.

The dream

he cannot fall asleep own ; it does not remain also to own bed; it in the middle of night.The dream of your child, as well as his command, is under the influence of your reactions.If you pay special attention to problems with a dream, they will be aggravated.The dream is an important component of development of your child and if it insufficiently, most likely, there will be problems with it behavior, attention and .Whether sufficient quantity time watt the child for the age Good night! and Order the diary that could define type of the problems existing at your child, and how you strengthen and support these problems.


At purely chest feeding when the child , months receives only chest milk, existence of allergic reaction m on allergen hit with milk of mother.Therefore in this case it is necessary to clean from a diet feeding i, capable to cause an allergy.For this purpose for days mother passes on eliminatsionny excludin it is better a monodiet, for example kefiric, and if against this diet at the child improvement, new products from a basic diet in minutes prior to feeding by a breast start to enter on one into a diet of mother.

On true, he simply

At emergence in a family of the newborn the former idol usually forgets to draw it among native or, an isosconce zhy the kid near parents, does not leave a place for itself.When the house is left forever by the father, the child still for a long time about to draw it in a family as though anything and not the proiso went, quite often even beginning the drawing with the father.On true, he simply remembers the kind and fine past which would be desirable to return and make it again real.Updating of a risunochny technique My family A family which I want So, you took only the first steps for diagnostics the trisemeyny relations on so simple and so ache at the same time to test My family.

If this level

It also is average temperature of your child.If this level appears higher, the temperature is qualified as raised.Why the temperature rises The increased temperature is a symptom of the latent disease, instead of an independent disease.Temperature increase the normal and healthy answer of an organism to an infection.Many parents wrongly consider that high temperature harms their children.It is the cause for % of calls for doctors and % of calls of ambulance.Usually increased temperature means that in an organism at yours rethe benka occurs fight.When microbes and white blood little bodies leukocytes battling against them face, the last make the substances called which have the following impact on an organism.

Only a belt

Why I should on give I at all for this purpose gave birth to the child to think porridges dy day, in what him to put, dress, than to feed.Let the state better thinks of it.I think that the best method of education an antipost a vleniye of the child to other children.Only a belt I make sober the child.In those hours, when I on work, the eldest son daughter about the younger.All the time it seems to me that my child fell ill.If I sat with the child of the house, it would not have such expensive unusual toys causing envy in other children.In the days off I am engaged in reeducation , because in days, when I on work, the grandmother and the grandfather oh it.

Sometimes these

The midwife sucks away this liquid, opening a way to air.The child for the first time in some seconds after the birth, sometimes even when the head, and other part of a body still inside was born only.After a liquid otsasyvaniye from respiratory ways of the child the midwife presses and cuts an umbilical cord, and life not in a womb of mother begins.Sometimes these procedures make with the child lying on your stomach, this soft pillow with which the kid and begins new life.First touches The birth of the child is inseparably linked with a touch of hands.

At healthy, physically

A regularity, but with orientation to appetite feeling of hunger.At healthy, physically active child appetite arises in , hours time, sufficient for transition of food to the bottom departments of intestines.Any violation of the appetite which has not been connected with between the main food intakes, it is necessary to regard as a deviation in a state of health or health.EAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILD The accounting of flavoring habits not the Snickers, it is natural and appetite of the child.J and restriction kovservirovanny vevaturalvy sausage products, adults canned food, salty and strong cheeses.

It is necessary

It demands time and victims.It is necessary very to want to give to the boy that is necessary that he grew the healthy man, despite our fear to lose favorable service and those material advantages which are brought by successful career.It is necessary to change all way of life.As it was told in in a context of care of the baby, mothers surely should offer career for the limited period of time or find alternative of a full employment.It is necessary for fathers to find possibility to give more time to a family, having changed structure of priorities.

For example, for many

D.Baldwin Often parents when speak about the responsibility in relation to the child, understand it a little onesidedly.For example, for many to be responsible means to watch, that he studied well, behaved well, was not rude to seniors, was healthy, honest, respected others, was skillful to earn to itself on life, observed hygiene rules, was accurate.The child should follow instructions of parents, fulfill their requirements.If the child gets to trouble, a duty of parents to get out it.Parents should endow everything for the child because his requirements and wellbeing are more important, besides, the child is not guilty that was born.

In it babies

It is possible to define it, slowly moving the kid that is closer, further while the look of the child does not become concentrated usually it is inches cm.If the kid, as usual, lies on a back, to it such game will bother bystto a yard than when you give it vertical situation.In it babies are more attentive.That newborns can hear Newborns prefer more high pitched parent voice fatherly , they also love low sounds with uterine notes after all it is that music to which they got used in a parent belly.

The sounds

Roundish shapes of eyes of the child, his cheeks belong to the mentioned lines, little bodies; tenderness of his skin, quite big eyes, a getting look, an unusual smell of the newborn, and, probably, the most important is language which the child speaks, crying and the sounds published by the child, going to begin to cry.Here is how the communication line between mother and the child during this very first period of their interaction works.The sounds published by the crying child, affect feelings of mother.Here is both physical and psychological components.

He tries to walk

Well and even if sets, then forgets to listen to the answer.But nevertheless it can investigate ly day as it is better to get on a roof, to open an attic or to slam the hatch.He tries to walk on on sense, to hang on eaves.Happiness if at this time you appear nearby to it!Branches of a tree break, when it climbs on trees, and fences creak until it will not remove from them.Everything in scratches and scars, and splinters not cart it is possible to count his body.Nevertheless it again fills same cones, without trying to draw a conclusion from this that was, as if is not present at people of an instinct of selfpreservation absolutely.

Parents consider

It is that case when in a family there is no sincere contact, heat.Parents consider that the main thing to dress, put, feed the child that estimates at school were good, and that at it in soul excites nobody.The reasons of the similar relation can be covered in the following the unwanted child, waited for the boy, and the girl was born, the child prevented to build career, parents, being children, tested the same relation from parents and simply unable to build other model of behavior.

Besides it was not necessary

If the kid continues to poormouth and reach for the ball, withdraw it from the house in any more suitable for throwing of a heavy ball a place Let's go on the street and there together we will play in a ball.In this situation both of you appear winners you insisted on the, the kid obtained permit to continue game.Besides it was not necessary to look back at what impression you will make on public.Learn to dominate itself Keep the Olympic tranquillity in the presence of the kid If the child quite often observes your unrestrained emotional splashes, wait that it will start to imitate sooner or later you.

Likely, it simply

From conversation with Kostya T.mother, years We just left you with the child, about a cat rum told nervous.Hardly it is possible to envy his parents and relatives.Hardly.However, is meystvo in which, probably, envy in which, conduct , dream, that their kid was better nervous, instead of that Kim whom it is.So it for the child What he actually when his native mother dreams that it was another, and only sees in it a burden, one burden, only a burden.Well and about pleasure of motherhood at all it is not necessary to speak.Likely, it simply joke.But in it a big share , after all not any of us is capable to become tamer de ty and to tame every minute, every second the kid, thus obviously understanding what to tame it it is impossible, and no training will give desirable effect.

It is dangerous

It is dangerous to leave the child without supervision in a cradle or on a stool of one with a small bottle.Milk decantation manually AS THE BREAST WORKS Milk is developed by special cages alveoluses It nepreryvno arrives to canals of a mammary gland and collects in a cavity under an okolososkovy circle When alveoluses are stimulated, they allocate additional milk effect of stay of milk to canals Put big and two next fingers at distance of , inches ,, cm from a nipple The distance is given approximately, as the size okolososkovy kruzhat women the different.

Sit near the child

for example, we are i hands.The comfortable atmosphere is necessary for food.Use chairs, plates and the devices suitable for age of your child.Plant the child on a chair directly, faced to a table.Sit near the child while he eats.or are nearby.leave its one.Do not wipe constantly, one it is glad the food end quite enough.Bad behavior during food all parents have difficulties fly firtrees.but for some to establish restrictions concerning behavior at the table a hook difficult, as well as in other situations.

The received

SOUFFLE FROM BOILED CHICKEN THE STEAMMeat of boiled chicken to pass times through a meat grinder with a small lattice, to connect to well razvarenny boiled rice, to vent, add the yolks, the kindled butter and the whites beaten in foam.The received weight to vent, shift in a form oiled, and to weld on a water bath.A ready souffle to water with.slivochny oil.QÔóáÓ¡án chicken rice milk ml, eggs piece lf, butter g.PASTE FROM THE LIVERLiver to extinguish on a frying pan under a cover together with onions and carrots in a nebolty quantity of water to softness.

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Therefore about a food of children of early age we first of all address to those women who still do not suspect, in what price parent laziness manages .to their own children.Level of health of the person in many respects is defined by quality of a food at children's age when there is a rapid growth and the intensive course of exchange processes.Thus normal physical development, the prevention of many diseases and first of all anemia, allergic manifestations, dysbacterioses, disorders of digestion, obesity provides the only correctly made and organized food.A food makes defining impact and on development of the central nervous system of the child, his intelligence, working capacity.

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All this will be prompted to you specially developed by us By a scale of communication of parents with the child.Scale of communication of parents with the child The methods of education causing in the child positive emotionsHow many time you praised today encouraged approved kissed embraced caressed sympathized empathized smiled admireddid pleasant surprises made gifts negative emotions of the child to the child, the childreproached suppressed humiliated accused condemned rejected straightened out dishonored preached deprived of something necessary splashed, passwords stood in the corner Barkans Bad habits of good children.

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I sobbed, something cried out, and suddenly noticed that between me and Stephen then to it there was a year and ten months something occurs.He watched my actions, trying to understand, in what business.He glanced to me in eyes, clasped my knees, but without a fright, and as though speaking Everything is good, I love you.I would help you if it was in my forces.When Stephen nestled on me, I took myself in hands mother calmed by a touch of the child.Well, the method of rapprochement promotes mutual understanding of parents and de ty.

About readiness

To develop it it is possible, having correctly chosen the corresponding moment.About readiness of the kid as we already wrote, tells his corresponding behavior.Your task to follow and quickly to react, in other words, to be in time, yet did not become late, then panties remain dry.Over time the child will learn to connect together these two moments if asked on a pot, do not forget that it is necessary to do on it.Be ATTENTIVE! Refract strings it is necessary to delete, when the boy is going to sit down on a pot; it should not for it cling at all.

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! This exercise

At the same time you will give oxygen to the baby who during fights also can suffer from his shortcoming.Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONComplete breath.Before the beginning of exercise make a full exhalation.Then slowly inhale, lifting a belly wall stomach.Hold the breath at the end of a breath and slowly exhale through a mouth, lowering at first a breast, and then edges.Complete breath is necessary to have a rest between fights.! This exercise can cause dizziness.Therefore to do it it is better lying and no more than time in a row.

If the child

Consequences can deliver discontent or harm people around, for example, if the child suddenly wants to soil someone in paint or the earth.Between the reason and a consequence passes too much time.In this case the child cannot simply connect cause and effect.If the child does not want to study at elementary school, it is not necessary to shut eyes to his bad marks.Consequences mention not the child, and, say, you.For example, if it tore off all flowers from a neighbour's bed, that did not stop can get rather to you.

Also it is necessary

So, we disassembled functions of parents and glanced in the world of the child.Slightly opened doors a little to spot, how interaction process between parents and children is made, and considered under the corner whether really to well child near us, whether is worse, than a kengurenka in a bag of a kangaroo.Give once again we will remember that we learned a little.And we learned a lot of new and important.Also it is necessary to place only now points in places.But before we them placed!, very much it would be desirable, that you still slightly sat down for a minute and asked to yourself questions, answering to yourself them.

Do not carry

Before we can change problem behavior, it is necessary for us to understand it.It is necessary to trace at least a week manifestations of problem behavior before choosing strategy of its change.Diaries and reflections mogutvyyanitnaiboly important changes which should proceed from us.parents.Our reaction to behavior of children can both to strengthen problem command, and to cause its manifestations.Do not carry out too deep analysis of value of behavior.Many parents incorrectly interpret anger as manifestation of a longterm emotional trauma, and strengthen a hysterics, giving it too much attention.


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