, to finish

, to finish Then to filter through sterilshy.

, to finish to boiling and to pour in sterilshy I.

By , months chest milk any more does not satisfy need of the child for the main food substances and consequently the feeding up with which the child receives macro and the microcells, difficult carbohydrates is necessary ballast substances necessary for normal functioning of a gastroenteric path.

Besides, introduction of a feeding up accustoms the child to dense food, gradually preparing it for an excommunication from a breast.

Dishes for a feeding up should be well homogenized, that not m difficulties when swallowing.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Having appeared on a kitchen threshold, the kid pulls out all plastic boxes and covers from them and takes seat on a floor that, having imposed with them, to check that to what will approach.

It is necessary to encourage such actions When the kid will be engaged in these toys, try to run his actions Put, take out.

Pay attention, the child, having spread out these subjects round itself, will talk to them as though too to give them instructions.

Volumetric glasses or cylinders help it to develop idea of a ratio of things on the size, he starts to understand that the small subject can be put in the big.

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  • Also it is necessary
  • Only a belt
  • I Haricot
  • That it did not occur, before
  • Do not carry
  • But soon he will
  • Children
  • The sounds
  • We are going
  • That is started