Occasions It is necessary to tell little by little, it is soft and so that it was interesting to the child.

Occasions can be the most different the fairy tale, transfer, etc.

For example, if you read to the child Little Red Riding Hood, take an interest at the child as the wolf managed to find the grandmother, whether correctly the Little Red Riding Hood, in his opinion, arrived.

Ask, as though it arrived in such situation why, in his opinion, it is impossible to give the address, phone, to show keys from the house to the unfamiliar If from time to time to come back to these questions, the child independently will understand, how it is necessary itselfmessages.

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Than you will

Than you will In advance find out all details what anesthesia methods exist; that offer different maternity hospitals; ways of behavior in childbirth happen with what.

Than you will have bigger information, that will feel more quietly.

After all one business to prepare to heavy, but in principle to clear work, and absolutely another for something unknown and consequently frightening.

The best option properly to be prepared with skill to choose maternity hospital and, maybe, even the doctor, to get acquainted with all existing ways of behavior in childbirth and selfhelp selfmassage, special technicians of breath etc.

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