It is better

It is better Protivoanemichesky it is applied in the form of %nogo of solution which can be added both in a mix, and in feeding up dishes.

It is better to enrich with it dishes from meat, an offal, vegetables, fruit, instead of to give in pure form as possesses not so pleasant taste and a smell.

Start to give small doses from ml of %nogo of solution, gradually increasing its quantity to ml per day for one or two receptions.

At more advanced age he is recommended to be added to the dishes having pleasant taste or dark color coffee, cocoa.

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The approximate

The approximate If you want to rise by higher level, you should learn to count and food structure.

It means that you should write out products from your records and spread out them in a percentage ratio to proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

It is simpler not to conduct such calculations daily, and to sum up in a week.

The approximate balanced food for a week % of carbohydrates, % of fats, % of proteins.

Our wise organism It is usually enough to count up number of calories to establish, whether the food suffices to the child.

Researches showed that if the kid receives products with the high content of nutrients, he will soon learn to choose what are necessary at present for its organism as, according to dieticians, we have an internal sense of proportion and aspiration to establish the necessary balance of a food.

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Sometimes children

Sometimes childrenSometimes children with very strong will can absolutely waste control over themselves during any fit of anger.

Often the child can be helped with such situation if strong to hug him and tenderly to explain You become angry, you lost control over yourself, I hold you on hands because I love you.

And that the most interestin in few minutes during which the child will try to be liberated even from your embraces, it actually will become soft in your hands, as though thanking for disposal of.

Both audience is usually necessary to adults, and to kids is perfect neinteresno to make rows alone.

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The child

The child Ability to good and empathy, steadiness and aggression, other properties of the personality are formed already in the prenatal period.

The child m catches at cellular level of feelin feelin thought which are caused in mother by world around.

Being in a womb of mother, he even repeats her mimicry.

For the sake of health and happiness of the child the woman should work over itself.

Besides more strict observance of a day regimen, performance of special physical exercises, it is fine, if the woman presumed to listen to itself to quiet music, to sing.

It is noticed that mothers who were engaged during pregnancy in singing especially choral, brought into the world quieter children, capable it is easy to adapt in various situations that testifies to their mental balance.

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Let's separately

Let's separately Besides, in the sour environment from pectin calcium which affects protivovospalitelno a mucous membrane of guts.

A certain antiinflammatory effect m containing in vegetables and fruit tannins and organic acids.

Let's separately stop on a pancreas inflammation pancreatitis which often develops as complication after virus infections flu, a mumps.

In particular be attentive concerning a food at a mumps as at a stikhaniye of sharp manifestations when the child has an appetite, it is possible heavy fat food NTsIK LOPE AIYa P ITAN IYa RE pancreatitis.

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Then mother

Then mother Pos mother does not own the body, she simply unable to give rise.

Someone another provides appearance of the child on light by means of nippers.

Then mother bring to postnatal chamber that it came to the senses after operation of childbirth.

Several hours after it wakes up in the small chamber, still on position of the patient, without the child.

Meanwhile in chamber for newborns the child comes to the senses after the delivery which it or it never can describe.

After the delivery the child put in a plastic bed and brought to chamber where it joined other anonymous newborns, a lying row in the same boxes.

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