Children In this case the child solves any moral doubt simply he implicitly submits to the adult even if orders of the adult disperse from the standard ethical standards.

Children at more advanced age moral relyativist already consider that sometimes it is possible to neglect opinion of the adult and to arrive according to other norms of morals.

Younger children, for example, are sure, it is impossible what to say lies in any cases; seniors already assume that in certain cases it is possible to cover the companion etc Moral realists consider that there is only one true rule of the game; children relyativist assume that rules of the game can be changed, and are by common consent ready to accept new rules.

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Collect information. Try to learn

Collect information. Try to learn In effect, openness allows to tell the truth, and the truth cures.

Collect information.

Try to learn as much as possible about parents of the child which adopt whether there are at them hereditary diseases what condition of mother was during pregnancy, whether it used during this period of drugs, collect other necessary medical and social information.

The ideal case to care of the child who was not born yet.

If you know native mother of your future kid while it is still pregnant, use the best efforts to surround it with care.

Make sure that she understands, how it is important not to abuse drugs and smoking during pregnancy.

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Carrots apples

Carrots apples In minutes prior to readiness to add the apple cut by segments, sugar, salt to mix and continue suppression to full readiness.

Carrots apples butter sugar g.

Turnip WITH APPLES AND RAISINTurnip to clear, small to cut and extinguish in milk with vegetable oil to semireadiness, to add the chopped apple, raisin, sugar and to extinguish to readiness.

Turnip milk ml, apples raisin sugar of vegetable oil g.

BEET, STEWED IN SOUR CREAMThe cleared beet and carrots to cut cubes, to fill in with a small amount of water, to add vegetable oil and a pinch of lemon acid and, periodically stirring slowly, to extinguish under a cover on weak fire about hour.

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In the afternoon

In the afternoon In the afternoon dry, and generally at dry nightAny products; completely independent food; can have preferences conductingSee above Whose problemSmall angelsQuestions to the diaryYour diary can help to understand more deeply to you the reasons of emergence of problem behavior.

Reflectingover the records, ask itself the following questions Whether there is the most hard time of day Whether there are concrete reasons of problem behavior Whether is the behavior manifestation of what my child in idslps with about a shaftMy child behaves so.

because he was tired naked denisiugan What my actions worsen behavior What my actions promote further bad behavior Whether there is in my life something else, can influence on washes the childIt is necessary to remember All children at some point have problems in behavior this making part of development gives the chance to children learned to operate itself and to receive social skills.

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Occasions It is necessary to tell little by little, it is soft and so that it was interesting to the child.

Occasions can be the most different the fairy tale, transfer, etc.

For example, if you read to the child Little Red Riding Hood, take an interest at the child as the wolf managed to find the grandmother, whether correctly the Little Red Riding Hood, in his opinion, arrived.

Ask, as though it arrived in such situation why, in his opinion, it is impossible to give the address, phone, to show keys from the house to the unfamiliar If from time to time to come back to these questions, the child independently will understand, how it is necessary itselfmessages.

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Than you will

Than you will In advance find out all details what anesthesia methods exist; that offer different maternity hospitals; ways of behavior in childbirth happen with what.

Than you will have bigger information, that will feel more quietly.

After all one business to prepare to heavy, but in principle to clear work, and absolutely another for something unknown and consequently frightening.

The best option properly to be prepared with skill to choose maternity hospital and, maybe, even the doctor, to get acquainted with all existing ways of behavior in childbirth and selfhelp selfmassage, special technicians of breath etc.

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