Also it is necessary

Also it is necessary So, we disassembled functions of parents and glanced in the world of the child.

Slightly opened doors a little to spot, how interaction process between parents and children is made, and considered under the corner whether really to well child near us, whether is worse, than a kengurenka in a bag of a kangaroo.

Give once again we will remember that we learned a little.

And we learned a lot of new and important.

Also it is necessary to place only now points in places.

But before we them placed!, very much it would be desirable, that you still slightly sat down for a minute and asked to yourself questions, answering to yourself them.

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Do not carry

Do not carryBefore we can change problem behavior, it is necessary for us to understand it.

It is necessary to trace at least a week manifestations of problem behavior before choosing strategy of its change.

Diaries and reflections mogutvyyanitnaiboly important changes which should proceed from us.


Our reaction to behavior of children can both to strengthen problem command, and to cause its manifestations.

Do not carry out too deep analysis of value of behavior.

Many parents incorrectly interpret anger as manifestation of a longterm emotional trauma, and strengthen a hysterics, giving it too much attention.

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