But soon he will

But soon he will started on the first way.

At first he tries to move sideways, putting one to another still disobedient legs.

But soon he will think what to move aside not so conveniently, and will excellent cope with the solution of this task.

It develops a foot and a leg so that they could go forward, instead of sideways, and then turns all trunk Then takes out one foot forward, puts to it another one step, then once again one foot, behind it another, thus it will ply round a low little table, holding it at first both hands, and then only one Be CAREFUL! This new achievement connected with possibility to ply round a small little table, big pleasure for the kid, but also possible troubles.

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Whether gripes

Whether gripes If to wear the child for an hour or two before approach of evenin it will help to relax to it so that evening explosion and will not occur.

Whether gripes are connected with biorhythm violation Everyone has the biorhythm providing a good condition zdo.

These are our inner clock which automatically allocate regulatory hormones and operate body temperature change in the afternoon and cycles of a night dream.

When our biorhythm is ordered, we feel well and at us everything turns out.

If the biorhythm is broken, for example, when we go to bed late, we become uneasy.

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Unbutton a shirt

Unbutton a shirt Unbutton a shirt or remove it.

Put fingers on a breast, is lower than the line connecting nipples as shown for breast compression on page Carry out breast compression heart is on the right, below on depth from , to , inches ,, cm with frequency not less than compression in a minute it is possible to consider about itself both time and two, both time, and two.

, speaking and when lowering and time, two etc.

by pressing a breast, a rhythm smooth without breakthroughs.

If you carry out reanimation samostoyatelno, do to the child artificial breath of companies in a mouth after every th compression of heart, thus check position of the head of the child and look behind, whether his breast rises.

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A stylistic

A stylistic The majority of modern fathers look for the road back, to a family.

a stylistic figure, a combination opposite on the word meanin compressed so it is paradoxical a sounding antithesis.

I leave for work in mornings therefore my working day comes to an end at o'clock in the afternoon.

Considering hour on the road, I come back home to five and I spend evening of the house with children.

One trouble I so am tired by that minute when I get home that from me advantages and to children, and the wife on the house already there are not enough.

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When to you the following

When to you the following Do not allow to involve itself in dismantlings.

Be engaged in the affairs.

When to you the following requirement from the child will arrive, stop and again include the internal voice.

Accustom itself to arrive so every time when the child demands something from you.

Tell no, explain why do not add to it any other justifications and justifications.

In a similar case further explanations testify only that you do not feel for yourselves the right to tell no.

Justifications are necessary when you have with the child good relations, it did not make anything bad, did not try to play on your trust to it.

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It reaches

It reaches In case of resistant gastric secretion and low acidity mineral water is necessary for drinking slowly, small drinks, with breaks to savor, for minutes to food.

It reaches strengthening of impellent activity of a stomach and intestines, and also stimulation of sekretorny activity.

If secretion of a stomach is normal, mineral water of room temperature in minutes prior to food.

At pyelonephritis and cystitis it is recommended to use such mineral waters, as Borjomi , Yessentuki NQ and NQ , Kislovodsk , Jl NQ and NQ , Kvasov's Glade, the Glade the Font, Slavyanovsky, Smirnovsky, to Sairma, Sevan, Dzhermuk, Kashinsky and especially Truskavetsky slabomineralizovanny, containing a large number of organic substances and possessing the expressed diuretic and soothing action.

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