For example, for many

For example, for manyD.

Baldwin Often parents when speak about the responsibility in relation to the child, understand it a little onesidedly.

For example, for many to be responsible means to watch, that he studied well, behaved well, was not rude to seniors, was healthy, honest, respected others, was skillful to earn to itself on life, observed hygiene rules, was accurate.

The child should follow instructions of parents, fulfill their requirements.

If the child gets to trouble, a duty of parents to get out it.

Parents should endow everything for the child because his requirements and wellbeing are more important, besides, the child is not guilty that was born.

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In it babies

In it babies It is possible to define it, slowly moving the kid that is closer, further while the look of the child does not become concentrated usually it is inches cm.

If the kid, as usual, lies on a back, to it such game will bother bystto a yard than when you give it vertical situation.

In it babies are more attentive.

That newborns can hear Newborns prefer more high pitched parent voice fatherly , they also love low sounds with uterine notes after all it is that music to which they got used in a parent belly.

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The sounds

The sounds Roundish shapes of eyes of the child, his cheeks belong to the mentioned lines, little bodies; tenderness of his skin, quite big eyes, a getting look, an unusual smell of the newborn, and, probably, the most important is language which the child speaks, crying and the sounds published by the child, going to begin to cry.

Here is how the communication line between mother and the child during this very first period of their interaction works.

The sounds published by the crying child, affect feelings of mother.

Here is both physical and psychological components.

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He tries to walk

He tries to walk Well and even if sets, then forgets to listen to the answer.

But nevertheless it can investigate ly day as it is better to get on a roof, to open an attic or to slam the hatch.

He tries to walk on on sense, to hang on eaves.

Happiness if at this time you appear nearby to it!Branches of a tree break, when it climbs on trees, and fences creak until it will not remove from them.

Everything in scratches and scars, and splinters not cart it is possible to count his body.

Nevertheless it again fills same cones, without trying to draw a conclusion from this that was, as if is not present at people of an instinct of selfpreservation absolutely.

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Parents consider

Parents consider It is that case when in a family there is no sincere contact, heat.

Parents consider that the main thing to dress, put, feed the child that estimates at school were good, and that at it in soul excites nobody.

The reasons of the similar relation can be covered in the following the unwanted child, waited for the boy, and the girl was born, the child prevented to build career, parents, being children, tested the same relation from parents and simply unable to build other model of behavior.

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Besides it was not necessary

Besides it was not necessary If the kid continues to poormouth and reach for the ball, withdraw it from the house in any more suitable for throwing of a heavy ball a place Let's go on the street and there together we will play in a ball.

In this situation both of you appear winners you insisted on the, the kid obtained permit to continue game.

Besides it was not necessary to look back at what impression you will make on public.

Learn to dominate itself Keep the Olympic tranquillity in the presence of the kid If the child quite often observes your unrestrained emotional splashes, wait that it will start to imitate sooner or later you.

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Likely, it simply

Likely, it simplyFrom conversation with Kostya T.

mother, years We just left you with the child, about a cat rum told nervous.

Hardly it is possible to envy his parents and relatives.


However, is meystvo in which, probably, envy in which, conduct , dream, that their kid was better nervous, instead of that Kim whom it is.

So it for the child What he actually when his native mother dreams that it was another, and only sees in it a burden, one burden, only a burden.

Well and about pleasure of motherhood at all it is not necessary to speak.

Likely, it simply joke.

But in it a big share , after all not any of us is capable to become tamer de ty and to tame every minute, every second the kid, thus obviously understanding what to tame it it is impossible, and no training will give desirable effect.

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