Xie which

Xie which However, even more deeply to glance to the child in soul, you can use as well our option of this test, its updating in A family which I want.

For this purpose, after your child will terminate to draw the family, overturn a sheet of paper on other party and give it a new task let will draw with the same of a pencil one more family, but not a twin family, and that which he would want to have, in other words A family which I want.

Xie which I want.

The task you managed to press involuntarily levers of the imagination of the child, to remove brakes, to lift a veil of secrets it, having seen that is hidden even for the child.

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Proteins are responsible

Proteins are responsible Such can schi a food which in the correct proportion contains that we call the big five, i.


food construction blocks proteins carbohydrates fats vitamins mineral substances Let's consider in more detail each of these groups and we learn, than they are useful and in what products contain.

PROTEINS OUR CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL Proteins is a food of growth.

They represent as though that framework, to tory provides with structural elements each cell of a body.

Proteins are responsible for growth, restoration and replacement of fabrics.

It is the unique nutritious element which can duplicate itself.

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All these

All these About it force, At steadiness, and mobility of wasps of novny nervous processes.

All these properties in number time a combination with each other usually make bases ny four types of the highest nervous activity of the child, four temperaments of children defined since the birth.

Let's talk about these properties.

Let's stop on force.

We usually understand functional endurance of all nervous cages and their ability as force you to hold both lon and shortterm, but chitelny excitement, without repaying it braking.

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He knows, where

He knows, where You have yet one year ahead.

As well as in many questions connected with education, look at it eyes of the child.

Feel that for it the habitual cozy nest means.

Certainly, to leave it not at once it will want.

He knows, where to it it is better.

Why to hurry with independence The needs of the child satisfied in the early childhood, will disappear over time.

And unsatisfied, on the contrary, form emptiness in soul which can generate then alarm.

To force the child to independence at night not your care.

You only can and should create for it the cosiness and selfconfidence atmosphere to help to develop a natural way following on a way of its development of requirement in independence.

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Good night! Ayla, Katee, EmilyTo

Good night! Ayla, Katee, EmilyToIt was difficult to Mandy to look, how her daughters are upset because do not receive an award, but they with Mevolume were unshakable.

Soon the emulative spirit between triplets and Mat and Manley's consecutive behavior during their laying to sleep led to that nights in the house of a family of Elson became much quieter.

Good night! Ayla, Katee, EmilyTo other children who had problems with a dream, offered encouragement in order that they remained in a bed.

When Katee and Ayla for the first time laid down with a night lamp, to them told that the fairy of a night lamp will watch how well they behave.

If they go to bed in the beds and will remain there, in the morning they will receive from it a small award.

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If the recommendation

If the recommendation Time on your party.

A strict method let's be shouted demands, that you strictly adhered to it for all %.

And it is incorrect.

At any training including when training course that the child was not alarmed by sharp change is necessary to a dream.

Your barometer reaction of the child At check of a new approach be guided by reaction of the kid, instead of to someone's words in the book.

If the recommendation does not help, postpone it and try to return in a month.

Let you decided that the child should fall asleep at night independently, then see to his behavior in the afternoon.

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All should

All should Next day it clung all the time to me, obviously being afraid again to remain alone.

In the book about shouting children it is in detail painted, when it is necessary to calm the child when to take it on hands, how to behave with it, how to put it to bed, how many seconds to calm.

Certainly, in formation of parental care there is an element of training game, but not the same way! Parental art should not turn into a science.

All should be natural, and the main guidebook here an instinct.

I am sure that a method let's be shouted is not suitable for me, is more true for us with the son.

Alternative methods Instead of the barbarous method allowing the child to shout while to it will not bother, and his more humane version to some extent allowing an uspokaivaniye of the child but to give it is necessary to shout all the same!, we bring to your attention such line of conduct which supports trust between the child and parents and develops their mutual keenness.

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