Carrots apples

Carrots apples In minutes prior to readiness to add the apple cut by segments, sugar, salt to mix and continue suppression to full readiness.

Carrots apples butter sugar g.

Turnip WITH APPLES AND RAISINTurnip to clear, small to cut and extinguish in milk with vegetable oil to semireadiness, to add the chopped apple, raisin, sugar and to extinguish to readiness.

Turnip milk ml, apples raisin sugar of vegetable oil g.

BEET, STEWED IN SOUR CREAMThe cleared beet and carrots to cut cubes, to fill in with a small amount of water, to add vegetable oil and a pinch of lemon acid and, periodically stirring slowly, to extinguish under a cover on weak fire about hour.

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In the afternoon

In the afternoon In the afternoon dry, and generally at dry nightAny products; completely independent food; can have preferences conductingSee above Whose problemSmall angelsQuestions to the diaryYour diary can help to understand more deeply to you the reasons of emergence of problem behavior.

Reflectingover the records, ask itself the following questions Whether there is the most hard time of day Whether there are concrete reasons of problem behavior Whether is the behavior manifestation of what my child in idslps with about a shaftMy child behaves so.

because he was tired naked denisiugan What my actions worsen behavior What my actions promote further bad behavior Whether there is in my life something else, can influence on washes the childIt is necessary to remember All children at some point have problems in behavior this making part of development gives the chance to children learned to operate itself and to receive social skills.

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Occasions It is necessary to tell little by little, it is soft and so that it was interesting to the child.

Occasions can be the most different the fairy tale, transfer, etc.

For example, if you read to the child Little Red Riding Hood, take an interest at the child as the wolf managed to find the grandmother, whether correctly the Little Red Riding Hood, in his opinion, arrived.

Ask, as though it arrived in such situation why, in his opinion, it is impossible to give the address, phone, to show keys from the house to the unfamiliar If from time to time to come back to these questions, the child independently will understand, how it is necessary itselfmessages.

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Than you will

Than you will In advance find out all details what anesthesia methods exist; that offer different maternity hospitals; ways of behavior in childbirth happen with what.

Than you will have bigger information, that will feel more quietly.

After all one business to prepare to heavy, but in principle to clear work, and absolutely another for something unknown and consequently frightening.

The best option properly to be prepared with skill to choose maternity hospital and, maybe, even the doctor, to get acquainted with all existing ways of behavior in childbirth and selfhelp selfmassage, special technicians of breath etc.

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, to finish

, to finish Then to filter through sterilshy.

, to finish to boiling and to pour in sterilshy I.

By , months chest milk any more does not satisfy need of the child for the main food substances and consequently the feeding up with which the child receives macro and the microcells, difficult carbohydrates is necessary ballast substances necessary for normal functioning of a gastroenteric path.

Besides, introduction of a feeding up accustoms the child to dense food, gradually preparing it for an excommunication from a breast.

Dishes for a feeding up should be well homogenized, that not m difficulties when swallowing.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Having appeared on a kitchen threshold, the kid pulls out all plastic boxes and covers from them and takes seat on a floor that, having imposed with them, to check that to what will approach.

It is necessary to encourage such actions When the kid will be engaged in these toys, try to run his actions Put, take out.

Pay attention, the child, having spread out these subjects round itself, will talk to them as though too to give them instructions.

Volumetric glasses or cylinders help it to develop idea of a ratio of things on the size, he starts to understand that the small subject can be put in the big.

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That is started

That is started Refuses that always very much was pleasant to it.

Everything does to all to spite, in everything shows disobedience, let even in a damage to ny interests.

And as takes offense, when stop its pranks.

Any ban rechecks.

That is started up in reasonings, in general ceases to speak.

Suddenly from from a pot.

as if the robot, it is programmed, without having listened to the end of questions and requests, answers all no, I can not, I do not want, I will not be.

When these surprises will come to an end at last parents ask again.

What to do with it We do not operate, it is selfish, stubborn.

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