Good night! Ayla, Katee, EmilyTo

Good night! Ayla, Katee, EmilyToIt was difficult to Mandy to look, how her daughters are upset because do not receive an award, but they with Mevolume were unshakable.

Soon the emulative spirit between triplets and Mat and Manley's consecutive behavior during their laying to sleep led to that nights in the house of a family of Elson became much quieter.

Good night! Ayla, Katee, EmilyTo other children who had problems with a dream, offered encouragement in order that they remained in a bed.

When Katee and Ayla for the first time laid down with a night lamp, to them told that the fairy of a night lamp will watch how well they behave.

If they go to bed in the beds and will remain there, in the morning they will receive from it a small award.


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