Help index

Help index Helps at over the head.

Independently siruchka for clothes and yours a rinsky breast.

help index and toys; drops Puts and drops kubivaniya.

Eats itself, holds bu at the table hair.

Sucks fingers and kuClamps subjects in rubig toy fingers, observes, how .

Shows that it moa tylochka lachok.

Plays hands they fall.

Drinks from bowls to do by hands Skills of communication and language development Exactingly cries, Coos, squeals, gurgles Reproduces vowels Extends lips that Mutters ohohoh, at Publishes more lingering and Repeats syllables ah, Publishes disyllabic sounds Says clear Speaks to clear you words.

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The Melissa

The Melissa Whether actually hated Indiana, but felt that it never accepted it, and now said that it .

Indiana was three years old, Whether when joined a family, and the Melissa gave birth to it to daughter Violet.

Whether knew that it seemed to Indiana that he gave it less attention, than the daughter.

the Melissa was shocked, when understood that too it was necessary for it to approach more with Indiana, and not only Whether bore responsibility for changeable behavior of the girl.

Time to create the relationship is necessary for stepfathers, stepmothers and children and to develop an approach to a discipline question.

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At this age it can already

At this age it can already For subject capture the child at first uses all hand, as though arranging a trap from all fingers and a palm.

At this age it can already reach the subjects being at arm's length, and is exact, without having missed, to take a toy.

It studies it, shifts from one hand in another and more often sends in a mouth.

From Martha's diary For Matthew it became simpler to address with surrounding subjects.

It takes a toy from my hands, considers it, plays with it.

Happens that he any more does not want to be engaged with it, but it occurs not because he was tired of game but because I give it the same toy.

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We are going

We are going To be parents all the time means to learn to be them.

Not too listen to councils of experts is prevents to develop parental intuition, ability as your children grow.

We are going to show you as to become experts.

The purpose of this book to help you and your child to find each other.

This small introduction contains quintessence of that such house education.

So, we start to study! INDISSOLUBLE COMMUNICATION What does it mean In all other books on the care of children and to their education there is no head whom it would be necessary to call Education of your child.

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That it can satisfy

That it can satisfy They wake up how the child, having got hungry, too will wake up.

Being nearby and having a presentiment of awakenin mother can feed the child and return it to a deep sleep before he and she completely woke up.

One mother who managed to achieve at the night of full harmony with the child, told us Approximately in seconds before my child will wake up, that him fed, my dream becomes easier, and I almost wake up.

As I have a presentiment of this moment, I can start to feed the kid as soon as it and will reach to a nipple.

That it can satisfy at once hunger, rescues it from complete awakening.

And both of us soon again strong fall asleep with it.

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Adhere to speed

Adhere to speed All children different also are ready to training at different times and with various speed.

Small angels Be quiet and positive concerning training.

Adhere to speed of the child.

Whenever possible be engaged in training in summertime when the pot can be taken out in a garden.

and misunderstanding are transferred easier.

Each time.

when your child successfully uses a pot or a toilet, very much praise it.

Be creative, doing time in a toilet cheerful, sing and read fairy tales.

Use encouragement for stimulation of your child embraces and a family holiday round a pot make miracles concerning training of your child.

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But soon he will

But soon he will started on the first way.

At first he tries to move sideways, putting one to another still disobedient legs.

But soon he will think what to move aside not so conveniently, and will excellent cope with the solution of this task.

It develops a foot and a leg so that they could go forward, instead of sideways, and then turns all trunk Then takes out one foot forward, puts to it another one step, then once again one foot, behind it another, thus it will ply round a low little table, holding it at first both hands, and then only one Be CAREFUL! This new achievement connected with possibility to ply round a small little table, big pleasure for the kid, but also possible troubles.

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